Here are some things you should keep in mind for your session...

What to wear: You don't have to stress out about how well your family's shirts and khakis are matching. If you want to match, that's great! But you don't have to. I have families show up wearing completely different outfits and their photos turn out great! Colors are awesome... So don't be afraid to mix it up! More importantly though... be comfortable! 

How to prepare yourself: If your session is being held on the beach, keep in mind that it may be a little windy out there. I will do my best to position and pose you so that the wind isn't doing crazy things with your hair and clothing. Try to avoid getting too much sun before your session. Tans are great! Sunburns... not so much! Try to avoid applying lotion before your session as you'll have sand sticking to you.

Wrist Bands: Many condos in our area require you to wear a wristband while on their property. If you wear them to your session, please understand that they will show in most of your pictures and by the time you get your photos back, you'll wish they weren't there. Yes, I can photoshop them out... but I do charge for that which can add up quickly. I recommend letting the condo personnel know that you'll be getting your pictures done during your stay. Since there are many types, ask them if they have suggestions or tips on removing them and re-using them. Some might even give you an extra set. Doesn't hurt to ask!

Props: I don't keep props. But I do encourage my clients to bring their own to help bring out their personalities and have fun with it!

Children: Kids are awesome! If you have a shy one, bring their favorite toy as a distraction. I may have you holding it while you're dancing behind me to keep their attention! If your session is a while after their last meal, bring a light snack to make their tummy happy! Let them be themselves... you'll appreciate it 10+ years from now when you're looking at the photos of their true personality. Don't get mad at them... if they don't want to cooperate, we can let them do their own thing and get candid shots of them in their zone. 

Rainy Days: I'm not a fan. But it does happen. The weather here is weird. It can be pouring rain one minute and then 30 minutes later we could have the most beautiful sky you can imagine as your backdrop. Don't worry about overcast skies. They're actually my favorite to work with. They provide a softer, better distributed light, fewer harsh shadows and less likelihood for you to be squinting in your pictures. Colors turn out a lot better too! If rain is in the forecast for the time of your session, we'll keep a close eye on it and try to determine what to do within a few hours of your scheduled time. If it's just not looking like it's going to work out, we can throw in the towel and try our best to reschedule for another time. If you're visiting the area and we are not able to reschedule to another day during your visit, I will gladly refund any payments made.

Deposits/Payments/Refunds:  A 20% deposit/retainer is required in order to reserve your session appointment. This deposit may be paid with any of the four major credit cards via our online invoicing. This deposit for your scheduled session is non-refundable. You may return to your online invoice at any time and add a payment towards your session. We do ask that your balance be paid in full before we part ways after your session. We will accept cash or credit card and we have the technology to process your payment on the spot. We do not accept checks (sorry). 

Booking your session:First, Contact Us and tell us as much as you can about your photography needs. We'll contact you back via email or phone (whichever you specify) providing you with details and options about your session. Once we have a date, time and location pinned down, we'll send you a confirmation email with a link to your invoice so you can pay your deposit and secure your session time. We'll send a follow up confirmation email 2 days before your session to make sure we're still good to go and offer to answer any questions you may have.


What happens next: When your session is complete and we've parted ways, your work is done... but mine has just begun. Long story short, your images will be hand selected, edited for lighting and color adjustments and uploaded to a gallery on I will email you the link & password and wait to hear back from you. When I receive your approval, I'll start working on the delivery process.

Getting your pictures: We currently have three options of delivery:

- USB Thumbdrive: All of the images from your gallery (and Print Release if applicable) copied to a USB Thumbdrive and mailed to you or delivered in person.

- Download Link: I will email you a link to download all of the images from your gallery. If applicable, your Print release will be emailed as well.

- Online Print Ordering: In addition to the options above, each of our clients have the option to order professional quality prints. We outsource our printing to a professional lab. Our computers and monitors are calibrated to their printer settings so that the prints come out precisely how we edit them to look... and we guarantee it! While browsing through your online gallery, you will see a green "Buy" button. This will take you to the print ordering section of our website. You can order any quantity and any size of any photo you'd like... from wallet size paper prints to 30"x40" wall art. You'll have to at least browse the options there... lots of cool stuff!

If you have any questions or if we can help you with anything else, please reach out to us, we'd love to help you!

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