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I understand that each of my clients is different and has different needs. So, I like to speak with each of my potential clients and learn about them and what they're looking for in their photographer and their finished product. In doing this, I'm able to customize a package deal that meets your needs and your budget! This means you get precisely what you want in your photography package while staying within your budget. 

Contact us today for more information on pricing and availability!


I readily cover the Destin / Fort Walton Beach area as well as Crestview and Niceville, FL.  I also travel to Pensacola, Santa Rosa Beach and Panama City Beach and would love to be your photographer!

I really have no limits on location. So, wherever you are in need of a photographer, I would love to hear from you!

Distances can be discussed and worked out as necessary. I like to do whatever and go wherever I can for creativity. 

Do you have ideas? I want to hear them!

I occasionally travel to Birmingham AL, Tallahassee FL and other areas.

I will also jump at the chance to travel outside the region and I have a valid passport.


Planning a wedding in Destin, Santa Rosa Beach or Fort Walton Beach and searching for a photographer to document the day?

I would love to chat with you and hear your ideas and visions for your wedding day!

Whether over coffee or over the phone... let's schedule a time to learn about each other, see how well our personalities can work together and create a wedding photography package that will be perfect for you! 

From Intimate Beach Weddings to a full day of coverage...

from the getting ready to the first kiss...

from the first dance to the Bride & Groom's exit... with the details and emotions in between.

Your wedding day will be captured for you so that when the honeymoon is over and everyone has settled back into their routine... you can experience your fairytale wedding again and again... for years to come! 


Recently engaged and excited to share the news? 

Let's create art with the two of you as the center of attention. Then display for all to see the center of your world!

Around here, there are so many options for scenery and backgrounds. Whether your tastes are for natural settings or for architecture, the possibilities are endless! If you would like a variety, we can certainly do a little bit of both!

The beaches up and down the Emerald Coast are also always a good setting to capture big love in a big world and still show that all that matters is just you two.

High School Seniors

Being a High School Senior is a very exciting time! With my seniors, I like to get to know them a little before their session. I like to find out what their hobbies and interests are, what their plans are for the near and distant future. Are they into sports? Whatever the case, I take it all in and incorporate this into their sessions. I expose their personalities, attitudes & passions and center the session around them so the final images will exhibit his or her true, genuine self.

Schools covered are Crestview High School, Niceville High School, Paxton High School, Fort Walton High School and Choctaw High School.

Family & Beach Portraits

A large portion of my business (especially during the summer) is with families both large and small. Most of them have their sessions on the beach which is just fine with me! The beaches are what drew me back to the area permanently. So I love it!

With large families, I like to start with everybody in the shot and then break them down into smaller individual families and groups. Then, if time permits, we all just goof off and have fun! I'm still taking pictures of course! I'm actually getting awesome pictures of kids having fun, parents watching and grandparents being young again. What better way to remind yourselves of the fun you had while on vacation!

Trash the Dress

I mentioned these words to a mother recently and she just looked at me. She didn't know what I was talking about. When I explained it, her expression went from blank to shocked rather quickly. She didn't know and couldn't believe that a bride would do such a thing! 

I explained it to her like this...

After the wedding, the honeymoon and for many, a couple of times trying it on again, the dress gets packed away into a closet, attic or basement. Why not have pictures done... awesome pictures.... in the dress... just destroying the dress!? It sounds crazy, I know! But the dress is going to be ruined in the basement! Ok, maybe not ruined... but it will never be the same as the day of her wedding. But just imagine having a picture made, with the bride wearing her wedding dress while doing something off the wall... like wading through the waves on the beach. Add her new husband to the mix and you've got a magazine cover! Or how about playing in a fountain? Covered in mud? Paint?

I could tell she had some ideas of her own by her smirk.  :)

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