Preparing your home for Professional Photography 

If your realtor has brought us together, it’s because they trust me with your investment. Please know that I have the utmost respect for you, your home and your time.

My only objective is to produce material that will give your listing a strong online presence to reach the right buyer for your home.

It is best for your home to be vacant while I photograph it. This will allow me to work more efficiently and concentrate on capturing the best photos possible. If you will be present, please understand that wide angle lenses capture views of adjacent rooms and I’ll need to make sure you’re not in the photo. A typical session can be anywhere from 1 ½ to 3 hours depending on how large the space is, how ready it is and the services requested (photos, video, drone, 3D tour, etc). If you’re not present when I finish, I can let you know via phone call or text that I’m done.

The following tips may help you prepare your home. These are only suggestions and by no means a "must do" list. 

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-Thoroughly clean the entire house (vacuum carpet, sweep & mop hard-surface floors, clean countertops, windows and mirrors).

-Turn on all interior lights including accent lighting, table lamps, lights over the stove and sink.

-Make sure bulbs are same type/color if feasible and replace all burnt out bulbs.

-Turn all ceiling fans OFF.

-Turn off all TVs and computer monitors.

-Open blinds & window treatments to let in natural light.

-Remove personal photographs (or replace with general art if possible).

-Make all beds and fluff the pillows.

-Remove small floor rugs to reveal the flooring.

-Place all shoes & clothing items in closets.

-De-clutter rooms… Clutter makes rooms seem smaller. 

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-Close garage doors.

-Remove vehicles from driveway and front of home.

-Clean up landscaping (mow, trim shrubs, clear leaves).

-Remove or neatly stow visible water hoses.

-Remove garden tools.

-Remove toys.

-Clean porch & remove cobwebs, tidy up outdoor tables, chairs, cushions, etc.

-Clean swimming pool, fountains etc.

-Remove pool vacuum & hose.

-Turn on pool fountains.

-Hide trash cans to the side of the home or inside garage. 

Real Estate Photographer in Fort Walton Beach, Florida


-Clear counter tops completely.

-No baking supplies, dish soap, mail, sponges etc. It’s ok to leave out one or two small appliances e.g. a coffee maker.

-Clean the surfaces on all appliances.

-Remove magnets, papers, photos, etc. from refrigerator.

-Hide garbage/trash cans. 

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-Clear table, dust and polish the table top.

-Use decorative place setting if available.

-Feature one center piece such as a bouquet of flowers.

-Straighten all chairs and space them evenly.

-Remove children’s booster seats/highchairs. 

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-Remove stacks of magazines, papers, mail, etc.

-De-clutter fireplace mantel/hearth.

-Clean interior of fireplace.

-Fluff and arrange furniture pillows.

-Remove all children’s and pet toys. 

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-Make beds, including decorative pillows/shams if available.

-Clear dressers and nightstands of all personal items and jewelry.

-Hide phones & charging cables.

-Remove family photos and personal names from walls if feasible.

-Remove wall stickers & posters if possible.

-Clean under bed, removing items that may show in the photos. 

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-Clear counter tops completely.

-Remove soap, toothbrushes, perfume, medications, deodorant, etc. Decorative items are ok.

-Clean mirrors.

-Put toilet seats & lids down.

-Close closet doors.

-Clean/scrub showers & tubs.

-Remove shampoo, soap, razors, loofahs, etc.

-Remove dirty towels - leave out only clean, unused towels.

-Remove floor mats to reveal flooring.

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-Hide pet beds, toys, water and food bowls.

-Hide pet crates.

-Hide Pets!  Please don’t allow your pets to wander loose while photos are being taken.

-Secure pets in hidden crate or outside so they don’t wander into pictures (or knock over equipment).

-Remove pet hair... Lint rollers work great.

-Clear back yard of pet toys and waste.

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